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Weber 7553 Premium Cover for Genesis Gas Grills

Weber 7553 Premium Cover for Weber Genesis Gas Grills

Weber 7553 Premium Cover for Genesis Gas Grills

by Cheryl Campbell

The Weber Premium Cover for Weber Genesis Gas Grills is the perfect cover for Genesis Gas Grill models “E and S” series. The cover protects the grill from all-weather season. The grills can look easily old and dirty without this cover. If you have invested in the genesis series, this cover is the right item for you.

This Weber 7553 Premium Cover for Weber Genesis Gas Grills Review demonstrates how important to gas grills this simple protective covering can be plus the details and specifications of the product. This review lets you know also the different opinions and overviews of satisfied customers who invested in Weber 7553.

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Weber 7553 Premium Cover for Weber Genesis Gas Grills


  • Heavy-duty protective grill cover made of durable vinyl
  • Fits Genesis 300 series gas grills
  • Slips on easily; fitted center and long sides keep it securely in place
  • Reduces exposure to outdoor elements; sleek look with Weber logo
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Weber Premium Cover Genesis E-S Series
  • Keeps your Weber® Genesis Grill Out of the Elements

Other Specifications:

  • The cover measures 30 inches by 60 inches by approximately 50 inches
  • fits Genesis 300 Gas Grill Series
  • Made in China
  • Has a 1 year limited warranty
  • Weighs 3.6 pounds
  • Velcro straps


The heavy duty vinyl is made for premium durability. It helps protect your grills from all-weather conditions. The full length cover allows the protective covering to slip on easily. Its special feature is the fitted center and long sides of the cover to keep it securely in place. The Weber 7553 Premium Cover is easy to clean. It will make your grill look good especially with the Weber logo inscribed in white near the top. The cover measures 30 by 60 by 50 inches and it is made in China. It fits as if it was tailor made.

The Weber 7553 Premium Cover is designed to look classy. It fits the image of a high-end grill. It has a rich black color which is a nice touch.

It weighs approximately 3.6 pounds which makes it easy for a single person to handle. The velcro straps enables the cover to fit securely and is well made to attach strongly. It stays secured even in strong wind.

The Weber 7553 Premium Cover for Weber Genesis Gas Grills Low Down


The quality of the stitching is quite good and the velcro straps keeps it in place and keeps it from blowing off the grill. The material used is durable and dense. It is manufactured and designed to last long. The cover does fit perfectly to the Weber Grill  300 Series. It not just protect the grill but the cover gives the grill a good look as well. You can expect perfection and you can only get it from Weber. They never stopped designing and improving things for their customers.


It is not cheap. Quite expensive though but you get a high quality product that will protect and make your grill look nice. The fabric can fades under the strong heat of the sun but it will not affect the primary function of the cover.

Customer Opinion:

The customers are happy with their purchase and investment of Weber 7553 Premium Cover. The rich black color made it classy for them. It looks perfectly great in their homes. It keeps the grill dust free between uses. It  is easy to clean both inside and outside. It might cost more than the other brands but it does work well. It perfectly keeps the grill out of damage. Its durability is worth the money.

The cover is very easy to use. It can handled by a single person easily. You can even leave it on the deck the whole time even in winter and it still looks great. Shipping of this product is quick.

The  Weber 7553 Premium Cover is a great product. With regular use, a well fitting and durable cover can extend the life of the grill considerably. Although quite expensive, the cover is worth your money as it protects your grilling investment from all-weather conditions. If you love cooking, grilling and love your  barbeque grill this product is just right for you. Consider the protection this cover will bring. Many satisfied and happy customers testified about the greatness, durability and functions of this product. It gathered a 5 star review. 

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