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Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ & Oven Gloves

Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ & Oven Gloves

Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ & Oven Gloves

by Cheryl Campbell

Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ & Oven Gloves are one of the many barbecue accessories that are essential to enthusiasts who grill food often. They will protect your hands against the heat and any flare up you may experience during cooking.

Ordinary gloves do not help nor protect your hands from handling hot foods. These barbecue grill gloves are heat resistant to higher temperatures so if you are someone likes to grill you definitely should consider using this kind of gloves. You can serve your hot steaks and tasty food without burning your hands and they also double as the perfect glove in the winter if you happen to use your fireplace a lot like I do!

In our Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ & Oven Gloves Review we will be taking a closer look one of the gloves available on Amazon. We will go over the features and descriptions as well as the pros and cons of the Premium Oven Gloves Extra-Long Cuff – EN407 Certified  glove and tell you what customers have to say about the product.

If you were searching for this glove and landed here instead you can add it to your cart now by going here, they really are the perfect grilling accessory.

Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ & Oven Gloves

Product Benefits:

Multi-Purpose- you can move coals and wood in your grill, even the hottest racks in your gas grills. It is also excellent for hot pots from your wood fire oven. You can also use these multi-purpose gloves to move around burning logs without burning your hands.

Easy to use- the gloves are easy to put on and take off. They are very flexible to grab and won’t slip. No more fumbling with mittens and pot holders. The gloves can be worn on both left and right hands. They fit perfect on your hands for safe handling. They are easy to wash as they are machine washable.

Winning comfort – the gloves are thick but lightweight. They will give you a comfortable feeling and tight grip in handling your hot pots. The interior lining is made of soft 100 % cotton which makes the gloves comfortable to use.

Breakthrough Design – the gloves are made up of Para-aramid and Meta fiber which is engineered to provide you with excellent thermal protection, durability and strength. On an equal weight basis, the Para-aramid fiber is five times stronger and powerful than steel, but can be comfortable to use as it is lightweight and thermally safer. The meta-aramid fiber makes the gloves resistant to heat, tough but flexible.

Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ & Oven Gloves

More Benefits:

  • The outer layer of the gloves does not catch fire even if you put your hands in the grill or oven.
  • The light weight material allows your hands to move freely and comfortably thus preventing you from getting too tired.
  • The silicone strips on the palm and back of hand provides you an anti-skid system that allows you to hold large bowls with soup.
  • Can be used left or right handed
  • Also great for fireplace, logs, car repair welding, light bulb changing, and more as they are all-around, multi-purpose gloves.

Product Features:

  • Can withstand heat up to 662 + degrees Fahrenheit
  • Maximum temperature is 932 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Machine washable
  • Gloves covers up to arms
  • The gloves are thick

Materials Used:

  • The grill gloves are made of 2 layers seamless knitted fabric
  • The exterior is made of meta and para-aramid material
  • The interior is made of 100 % cotton lining
  • Thermal characteristics of the meta aramid gloves enable you to handle warm items
  • The thermal insulation given by the Meta and Para-aramid fibers slow down the rise of the temperature.


It is an overall high quality product. The fiber used is very impressive. It does protect hands from heat and the gloves are really useful as they are multi-purpose. It can be used for baking and grilling in high heat temperatures. It is very easy to wash as it is machine washable. The gloves can cover the arms and not only the hands. In this case, it can also protect the arms from heat even if you bend over to the oven to get hot pans and pots. They can tightly grip large bowls that will not slip from your hands because of the silicone material used. It is worth the money, for a glove that is perfectly engineered to provide superior protection and safety.


The gloves are thick and some customers find it hard to use them but still ordered and purchased the gloves for grilling use.

What Customers Have to Say About our Choice for Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ & Oven Gloves

Customers who have tried the Premium Oven Gloves Extra-Long Cuff – EN407 Certified gloves highly recommend it to those people who do a lot of work in the kitchen mostly baking and grilling outdoors. The multi-purpose gloves are really worth the money as it can be used with almost anything that is hot. It is very functional. They scored the reviews with 5 stars and are very happy with their purchase. You can add this clove to your cart right now by going here.

If you would like to see more choices for Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ & Oven Gloves visit our Mitts & Potholders section.

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